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Indemnity Insurance for dentists

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Dentists

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you for what you do in your professional life.

MediCruit work with a Dental Indemnity Provider who is a long standing provider of indemnity insurance and support to Dental Professionals. We are able to get our candidates access to low rates for indemnity insurance using a highly sophisticated, quick, online quoting system through our indemnity partners.

The only online tool for Dental Indemnity quoting!


Why choose our partner for your Indemnity Insurance needs?

  • Policy coverage on an occurrence basis, which means it will cover claims occurring during the period of insurance irrespective of whether policy coverage is still in force
  • They protect the reputation of their members when your performance is called into question by way of a contract of insurance. They are not a discretionary indemnity provider
  • As a leading and long-standing indemnity provider to dental professionals in the UK, All Med Pro provide some of the broadest covers available
  • Our schedules, certificates and supporting documentation is provided in clear, plain English ensuring you know exactly what is and, as importantly, what is not covered
  • We have a dedicated and experienced team that includes qualified dento-legal advisors who are currently practising dentists. This means you deal with a person who knows your sector inside out and understands its challenges. If you need to make a claim, they will be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your claim and then advise you how to proceed
  • We will work on your behalf, by providing proactive support and mitigation measures, to minimise the cost of a covered liability and any potential damaging consequences at the time, as well as in the future
  • If you are part of a corporate, group or a member of a professional body such as the BDA further premium discounts will be applied.
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