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5 Steps to Reduce Anxiety in your Interview

5 Steps to Reduce Anxiety in your Interview



In today's dental industry, having a successful interview is more crucial than ever in order you obtain your desired career. However, by adopting a healthy perspective and employing effective techniques, your interview anxiety can be managed. If you find yourself struggling with interview anxiety, it is worthwhile to practice various stress management techniques and prepare well in advance. In this article, we will explore 5 simple methods to overcome interview anxiety, allowing you to alleviate worries both before and during the interview.




1. Practice, practice, practice!


Engaging in mock interviews with a friend or family member can be highly beneficial as it allows you to simulate the interview experience in a relaxed setting. This practice will enable you to test your responses to common interview questions. Practicing the interview process helps you identify areas where you can research information in real-time and enables you to refine your answers for maximum effectiveness.



2. Approach interview preparation with a calm mindset


When getting ready for an interview, it's important to avoid the temptation of cramming loads of information the day before. Instead, utilise your time effectively by reviewing the practice’s website and consider what specifically draws you to the prospect of working for them.



3. Focus on relaxing right before the interview


A helpful technique is to sequentially tense and relax your muscles, starting from your head and working down to your toes. This exercise will alleviate muscle tension and prevent you from appearing rigid and tense when you enter the interview. Approach the interview as an opportunity to showcase your abilities rather than a daunting test. This will help you maintain composure and a calm demeanour throughout the interview.



4. Stay attentive and focused


Anxiety has a tendency to make you overly fixated on specific phrases, immobilise you when you make a mistake, or lead you to overanalyse your thoughts. To combat this, strike up a friendly conversation with the receptionist or have a brief chat with the interviewer before the formal proceedings begin. This approach will assist you in shifting your focus away from anxious thoughts.



5. Be proactive and ask questions


The power dynamics inherent in an interview can sometimes be unsettling. However, by taking back a small measure of control through asking your own questions, you can ease your nerves. Seek clarification on their expectations of employees and any other pertinent information. By asking thoughtful questions, you can demonstrate your engagement and active interest in the position, while also empowering yourself during the interview process.



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